Business Development

 From entrepreneurship to gaining new business partners, Red Ink’d provides different services for a range of business development needs. Choose a business need specific to your business goals, or simply go with our business consultation option for a brainstorming session. 

Business Strategy Consulting



Our consultants will help you derive achievable goals and plans to get your business started. Let us help your entrepreneurship dreams come true!

Business Plan

$20 template

$25 to build


A business plan is a written way to inform people what your business plans are and how you plan on achieving them. A business plan is like a blueprint to your entire business and must be written in a way that articulates your mission, reason, goals, and purpose. Red Ink'd can provide you a guided template or work with you to build one!


There are several different types of proposals that our consultants can assist with. We have experience in writing: White papers, Contract Proposals, Unsolicited and Solicited Proposals. Contact us now to discuss what you or your company needs.